The Compressor Leg & Calf Massager TM

The Compressor Leg & Calf Massager's TM unique design and light weight provides a mechanical advantage unlike any other manual massager on the market today. This makes it very easy to use and effectively produces as deep or as light a compressive massage as the user chooses. It is also adjustable to fit your leg size. Designed by a registered massage therapist, The Compressor Leg & Calf Massager TM can provide relief of sore & tired muscles caused by various activities or sports. It can also aid in relieving muscle spasms often present after hip or knee surgery and in those suffering from arthritis of the hips or knees.

Made in Canada.

Patent pending.

The Compressor Leg & Calf Massager TM is  used by both professional and amateur athletes and prescrided by Physiotherapists and Massage Therapists to thier patients.

"It really gets in there." Troy Brouwer, Stanley Cup Champion - Chicago Blackhawks (NHL).

"The Compressor really helps my legs feel their best." Lee Parsons, Ironman & Half Ironman Triathlete.

"The Compressor has proved to be an effective tool for myofascial release. I have used it with recreational and professional athletes who need relief of simple muscular ache to deep scar tissue reduction. The Compressor allows the client to get therapeutic treatment at home or when on the road. It is simple but it works!" Murray Schneider, Physiotherapist.